Wednesday, 23 May 2018

21. Birmingham Joins The Ivy League.

  The Ivy Temple Row opened recently in Birmingham. A review of mine on the dislikeable but sometimes useful website, Tripadvisor, is depicted below and summarises the impression of a lunchtime experience there. I did not find it to be a terribly enjoyable experience but it was not intolerable though the volume of din to be heard in the place did indeed push the boundaries of my tolerance.
  The food was satisfactory but nothing more and painfully overpriced. If The Ivy had not arrived in Birmingham then those who enjoy good food would be none the worse off but it's a glitzy addition to the range of places where the gullible who prefer style to substance may like to be seen though Birmingham has no real celebrities of note so spotting such people in the place is an unlikely event. I suppose that if Birmingham gets Channel 4 to serve as its new base then the sort of people who work for that television station might feel at home in the place.
  The original, hoary centenarian Ivy in Covent Garden is most notable as a place to be admired in, its Birmingham offspring is more a place to be deafened in.
  My lunchtime companion and I have no plans to return. The review below expands on the subject a little more:-

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